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Uncover Your Work From Home Style with This Quiz

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So, you’re participating in that work from home life. Whether you chose this path or you’ve been thrown into it, there are pros and cons to working remotely.

Nobody understands that better than the Ride the Sail Marketing team. Each one of us has participated in the work from home lifestyle — yes, it’s a full-blown lifestyle — anywhere from nine to four years. And we all have our own unique styles that work best (and sometimes not) for our lives, our families, and our personalities. 

Marikaye’s desk is covered in to-dos and notes full of shorthand that make perfect sense — to her. Just a few months ago, Crystal’s office transformed into the magical world of Neverland to help her work while keeping her busy one-year-old occupied. 

Then, there’s me. I’m a wanderer. Sometimes I’m most productive when I’m up in my office (which is also our guest room) with the doors closed. Other times that bores me and I need a change of scenery, so I sit at our kitchen table, prop my feet up on the couch, or sit outside.

If my kids are home, anything goes. Where they are is where you’ll find me working, and that has often led to me sitting in my four-year-old’s bed with my laptop. 

No matter our individual workspaces, we do have one unspoken pact: all calls are audio-only. We can’t promise what our clothes or hair will look like at any given moment. Although, you can usually bet we’re in our comfiest clothes and our hair is loaded with dry shampoo. 

Your work-from-home style defines your individual needs. I feel a bit chaotic in my space, so sometimes rather than pushing through to another task, I need to give myself grace and solitude to recharge and be my best creative self

Whatever your style, know you’re not in this alone. It’s a journey. One where you must listen to yourself and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. 

So, let’s find out what your work-from-home style is! 

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