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The Marketing Career Stress Test — Where Do You Rank?

Are you feeling stressed? Us too. And it turns out our marketing career stressors are validated and very real. In fact, a recent survey conducted by CareerCast found 78% of people feel stressed at work. On a 10-point scale, they rated their job stress at a seven or higher, which is up from 69% from just two years ago. 

Anyone can be stressed in their jobs, though, right? It’s true, there aren’t too many people who don’t have some degree of stress-related factors in their jobs. However, respondents in the CareerCast survey reported the biggest stressors as hard deadlines (38%) and both growth potential and interacting with the public (14%). 

When you have a marketing career, you deal with all three of these on a daily basis. Timing is critical in marketing, especially in the age of digital and content creation. Then, there’s the constant need to see growth in followers, KPIs, and, in some cases, clients. And no matter how you look at it, you’re interacting with the public on a daily basis — even if they have no clue who you are. 

All of that to say — your marketing career is serious business. Many people may not know exactly what we do but we know marketing roles are critical in keeping businesses afloat and growing. So, how stressed is your marketing job making you? Are you flying through work with no issues, feeling moderately worn out, or are you burning out faster than ever? 

Take our quiz and find out! 

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