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8 Types of Content You Should Be Posting on Social Media

The content grind is real. Keeping your audience engaged is no small task.  For your brand to flourish, your social media content calendar needs to be packed with compelling copy, photos, graphics, video, and audio. And churning out this content shouldn’t just be done on a whim. Each piece should be carefully aligned with your…

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Advocating for Social Issues on Social Media

social awareness

Did you know that millennials are impacting the method and delivery of philanthropic efforts? As opposed to fundraisers or one-off donations, they prefer to integrate the causes they care about into their daily routines and purchasing behaviors. But what does this mean for social media? Millennials (aka, me!) are more receptive to cause marketing than…

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The End of Instagram ‘Likes’ May be Near

Instagram likes

I double-tap Instagram. It’s by far my favorite social app. I love the visual storytelling aspect that drives individuals and brands to creatively connect with their community. I also really love cute animal photos, which seems to be a pleasant mainstay.  But the days of collecting Instagram likes as a visible metric could be numbered.…

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4 Super Time-Saving Social Media Tricks

social media tricks

“It’s not worth it to be on social media anymore.” I’ve heard this phrase over and over this year — and I get it. Between the constant algorithm changes and the risk of an out-of-context tweet tarnishing your business’s reputation, social media seems like a hassle with little ROI. Why spend hours on social media…

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