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3 Brands that Are Killing the User-Generated Content Game

user-generated content

Last month, we gave you the basics on a marketing trend that is bringing brands and their customers closer together: user-generated content. (This is content that your customers create in support of and to celebrate your brand and products.) They can be photos, videos, awesome reviews — the possibilities are endless. And since the content…

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The Ultimate Guide For Better Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

As a social media specialist, I absolutely love my job. But if I’m honest, there are some days when I’m bored to tears by the posts I see on Facebook. I’ll scroll through my newsfeed and see stock image after stock image, generic title after generic title. But one day, I came across this post…

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This Is Why You Need To Stop Hating On Social Media

social media

Hey, there! It’s your old friend Social Media here. At least I hope we’re still friends, even if it’s just on Facebook. The truth is, it seems like a lot of you have been hating on me lately and it’s starting to hurt my feelings. I understand that for some of you, it’s been tough…

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Media Relations in the Age of Social Media: What You Need to Know

media relations

The year is 1997. You’re working as a communications specialist for an innovative HR technology company. Back then, resume scanning systems, telephone-based employee benefits programs, and onboarding via laserdisc systems were the height of innovation. There’s not yet a designated media relations position within your company, so you also serve as the media spokesperson. In…

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