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Cheers to the Little Wins

Good news

Looking for good news in 2020 can feel like shoving your hand deep into the unknown of the couch cushions, praying to feel a nickel brush against your fingertips.  You know it’s bad when the chief medical officer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Dr. Ken Duckworth, looks at a CDC study on COVID-19’s…

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The Mental Health of Your Team: Your Most Prized Priority

mental health

I was a year into my career.  I loved the fast-paced environment. The changing tasks. The close-knit team. The innovative entrepreneurs I met on a regular basis.  Sure, I didn’t love editing. Sure, there were a lot of late nights… OK, nearly all of them. Sure, I constantly felt like I was juggling a sword,…

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4 Ways Creative Employees Can Improve Mental Well-Being

mental well-being

“I can’t write anymore. No. I can’t think anymore.”  This is the inner-dialogue I’ve battled so hard — so many times. As a content creator, and now creative content director, I didn’t feel I had the time to feel so mentally exhausted. So, I pushed. I made myself attempt to be productive.  The vicious circle…

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