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4 Tips to Get Social and Earn Consumer Trust

social media marketing

Consumers ranked social media as the least trusted source of general news and information in the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Report. In fact, 73% worry about false information or fake news being used as a weapon.  The lack of trust in social media means marketers must constantly take a critical look at the content they’re…

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The Marketing Career Stress Test — Where Do You Rank?

Are you feeling stressed? Us too. And it turns out our marketing career stressors are validated and very real. In fact, a recent survey conducted by CareerCast found 78% of people feel stressed at work. On a 10-point scale, they rated their job stress at a seven or higher, which is up from 69% from…

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You Need to Get It Right in Digital Content: Here’s Why

digital content

When it comes to facts and claims, the internet is the Wild Wild West. For content marketing in most industries, there’s no governing body that’s checking if your information is actual and factual. This leads a lot of people into thinking that “it’s just a blog,” and that the facts don’t matter.  But in the…

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3 Brands that Are Killing the User-Generated Content Game

user-generated content

Last month, we gave you the basics on a marketing trend that is bringing brands and their customers closer together: user-generated content. (This is content that your customers create in support of and to celebrate your brand and products.) They can be photos, videos, awesome reviews — the possibilities are endless. And since the content…

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Why SEO and Content Creation Belong Together


Picture this. You walk into the conference room for a marketing brainstorm and see a new face at the table. Your director informs the group the CEO has hired an SEO consultant to evaluate the website, blog, video and resource content, and advertisement rankings to see what can be improved. So she’s invited the consultant…

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