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Crafting Meaningful Connections, Pt. 2

company brands

I’m back! It’s time for the second post in my “Crafting Meaningful Connections” series. In the first post, “Giving Customers the Quality Time They’re Craving,” I discussed the importance of spending quality time with customers.  Of course, this isn’t the only type of quality connection you need to form between customers and company brands. Making…

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Crafting Meaningful Connections

marketing strategy

Connecting with customers is about more than a click, like, or share. Those deep, quality connections are created through personalized experiences. Ones that make your customers feel cared for and noticed.  Unfortunately, the first step in creating quality connections is often forgotten. Marketers too frequently jump into their strategies as though every customer is the…

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Why SEO and Content Creation Belong Together


Picture this. You walk into the conference room for a marketing brainstorm and see a new face at the table. Your director informs the group the CEO has hired an SEO consultant to evaluate the website, blog, video and resource content, and advertisement rankings to see what can be improved. So she’s invited the consultant…

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Blogging: This Is How You’re Ruining It

Blogging Tips

I see you’ve stopped by our blog. These days, everyone has a blog. And no, I’m not being facetious. In fact, Tumblr alone reported having an astounding 441 million active blog accounts in 2018 (up from 373M the previous year). It seems a lot of people have the same idea — and that’s half the…

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