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How to Pick the Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Marketing Style

Halloween. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Not because of the candy or costumes (although those are great), but more for what Halloween represents for everyone else. 

For most people, Halloween is the one time of year you can try out an extraordinary personality that has no place in everyday life. Want to don a superhero cape? Go for it. Curious what it’s like to be a go-go dancing alien? More power to you. Have a unique and punny take on a recent pop culture trend? October 31st is your day.

The holiday evolved into a way to give others a peek at who we are while allowing for complete absurdity. And I absolutely love it.

As a marketer, Halloween presents a unique time to expand your brand and reveal how you approach the industry. So if you’re struggling to decide what costume to go with this year, consider these different ideas and how they might match up with your marketing style.

1. A Witch: The Relationship Builder

Whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch, there’s one thing that has united magic practitioners throughout history: the belief in the power of relationships. A witch is nothing without her coven.

For marketers, strong relationships and connections are equally as important. 

If any of the following is your favorite part of your job, consider getting a broom and a pointy hat for Halloween:

  • Talking with others and finding opportunities to tell each other’s stories.
  • Building a social media community that promotes discussions and engagements with your followers.
  • Networking with others and connecting your professional contacts with those who can help them achieve marketing goals.

2. A Ghost, Zombie, or Any Other Dead Being: The Messenger Who Won’t Quit

Historically, Halloween is the night when the dead return to walk amongst us. Whether you find that spooky or amazing, ghosts and ghouls remind us that nothing is ever truly gone. And the same thing is true of great marketing messaging.

Dressing up like a spirit, specter, or another dead being might be right for you if you:

  • Are a marketing traditionalist who focuses on proven strategies, not just the current trends.
  • Love evergreen content and finding ways to give old marketing a new life.
  • Avoid clickbait tactics and would rather have your content speak for itself.

3. A Superhero: The Secret Savior

Let’s be honest: Sometimes being a marketer is a thankless job. You might fly in like Superman and save your client with a brilliant solution for their problem. But then the next day, you’re back to being Clark Kent.

While it might not always seem like your powers and talents are recognized, take advantage of Halloween and spend at least one day celebrating your awesomeness if:

  • Personal glory and accolades are less of a priority than your client’s or team’s success.
  • Finding a way to improve others’ lives is at the heart of all your branding strategies.
  • No problem seems insurmountable as long as you’re willing to try your hardest.

4. Mad Scientist: The Data Lover

Say what you want about Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, but the dude was resourceful and resilient – also qualities of a great marketer. For mad scientists and many marketers, it’s not just about the end result; the process and what you learn along the way are equally important.

If you get inspired and excited about the following parts of marketing, being a mad scientist might be right for you:

  • Tracking metrics and data and using the numbers to refine your marketing strategy.
  • Constantly conducting A/B testing to learn more about what works and resonates with your audience.
  • Trying the latest marketing trends and seeing how the results compare with other methods you’ve tried in the past.

Whatever costume you choose this year, here’s wishing you a spooktacularly awesome Halloween!

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About Kristen Klempert

Kristen Klempert is currently a Marketing Analyst at Clever Real Estate and a former Ride the Sail Content Rockstar and Social Media Maven. You can follow Kristen on Twitter or Instagram for her thoughts on the world and photos of her dog, River.