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We Give Thanks for These Marketing ‘Things’

Mindfulness, awareness, thankfulness are something we strive for year-round. Yet, it’s always nice to have a dedicated pause to express thanks to coworkers, friends, your gym buddy, your barista, and… even the marketing tools that get you through the day. 

We’re talking about those go-to, keeps you sane, keeps you productive, self-hack marketing crutches we have. Here’s our list of marketing things we’re most thankful for this year:

The Hemmingway Editor: I know that my natural style is poetic and long-winded, so the Hemmingway Editor is my go-to when I’m writing a piece for a beginner audience. It reminds me to write for ease of readability and shows me exactly where I need to work to make my writing more concise.


ToDoist (premium!): I am a list person, but I hate actually writing things down because I need to be able to adapt my day depending on what clients or life toss my way. The ability to easily move projects to a different day, set recurring reminders for daily/weekly tasks, create subtasks to break down larger projects into smaller steps, add tasks directly from Slack, and more makes ToDoist the thing I am truly thankful I don’t have to live without.


Canva: This free graphic design tool has completely transformed the way I create content. While I’m proficient in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I prefer the agility of Canva on nearly ever design function I have to accomplish on a given day. Canva makes design inspirational, collaborative, and fun! You can design anything from social media graphics to large scale banners. I cannot imagine doing my job without the ease and simplicity of Canva!


HeyMama: HeyMama is a networking group for business mamas. The group has connected me to women who are always striving to improve their lives — both personal and professional. I’m thankful for all the possibilities the group has to offer, the mentorships (even the ones that are solely Instagram stalking), and the learning opportunities.


Marco Polo: I’m part of a wonderfully independent team. We’re all working hard to get work done, while also living our lives outside of work. Often times, this means we’re not immediately available in realtime. Marco Polo allows me to reach out to my team, especially for lifelines when I need a brainstorming session.


Amazon Music Unlimited: Not a typical ‘workplace’ application but one of the few ways I can really stay focused when working from home. With the flexibility of my remote role comes the constant distractions of my family hustling and bustling outside my office. I keep a decent set of noise-canceling headphones at the ready and have a few different ‘Work Jams’ playlists set up to help me dial in my full productivity no matter what my mood.


Good old-fashioned yellow notepad: I’ve tried keeping notes on my phone or a fresh Google doc, but nothing physically relocates ideas and general mental-noise better than a physical piece of paper. When I have too many thoughts or lists running amok in my headspace, I simply reach for my trusty notepad and dispel as much madness as I can in a few minutes. This helps me return to my tasks with clarity and focus.


Teamwork: I love organizing and deadlines and to-do lists. Teamwork is the perfect, cost-effective platform for managing all things content marketing related. Having designated places to work with our team that sync up with client communication, see the full calendar of all deadlines and tasks my team is working on, sorting through how full a teammate’s day is… While there are plenty of great CMS out there — Teamwork is one that keeps me sane, and I’m most thankful for every day!


About Marikaye DeTemple

Marikaye DeTemple is the owner and managing director of RSM. She loves words, the color red, and Maxapen Mister Talbuddy.