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LinkedIn Stories Are Here: This is What You Need to Know

Have you heard the news? LinkedIn Stories have arrived and we are here for it!

This year, the professional networking site gave its platform a makeover. While most of the updates were aesthetic, LinkedIn also added some new features which can help your business strategy. The main addition being LinkedIn Stories, following the success of the feature on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So, what does this mean for your business and how can it affect your marketing business strategy?

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about LinkedIn Stories and how it can help your business strategy right here:

What are LinkedIn Stories?

business strategyLinkedIn Stories is a way businesses can share content in a quick and engaging way that disappears 24 hours after being published. Once posted, viewers can easily send a direct message to your page — creating a more organic opportunity for businesses to connect and create a conversation with their network.

But, aren’t stories more casual on other social media platforms?

Yes, this is true. But, the feature has proven to be a vital tool for businesses on these platforms as well. In 2019, Facebook reported that Instagram Stories were being viewed by 500 million people daily, and over one-third of those videos were business-related.

That being said, you shouldn’t use your LinkedIn Stories the same way you do on Instagram and Facebook — in the same sense as to how you format and use your pages and posts differently on these social media platforms.

LinkedIn recommends using ‘Stories’ to share “lightweight conversations related to your work-life.” In a nutshell, LinkedIn is hoping that their newest addition will give you and your business a different and creative opportunity to capitalize on engaging with your audience.

How to optimize LinkedIn Stories for your marketing business strategy

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are craving connection. LinkedIn introducing the Stories feature at this point offers businesses a huge opportunity to connect and create a stronger conversation with their network and reach a bigger audience.

Here are some effective ways to optimize LinkedIn Story content into your marketing strategy:

  1. Understand. Before creating any Story ideas and content, it is important to address who you want to reach with your story. Then always make sure your Story highlights who you’re talking to and why you want their attention.
  2. Inform. Use stories as a leadership tool to inform your audience of what’s going on in your industry. For example, share industry tips, knowledge, or discuss trending topics. Just remember to keep stories short and sweet so you don’t lose your viewers’ interest!
  3. Share. Don’t be afraid to be less “polished” in your stories. Stories can make your business appear more authentic. Share real-time updates, events, and testimonials to give your audience a behind-the-scenes authentic look into your business.
  4. Interact. There are a lot of fun tools on the Stories feature — use them to interact and connect with your network! For example, create a Q&A or take a poll. This is a great opportunity to share your brand story!
  5. Market. Use Stories to make any business announcements. Be sure to keep your network in the loop by sharing updates on your Stories — even if you have the information on a post!

Key tips to remember:

  1. Make your content short, concise, and to the point to hold attention. 
  2. Tell a story! Use short narratives and incorporate eye-catching visuals (i.e photos, videos, short graphic text, etc.)
  3. Be authentic.

The future of LinkedIn Stories

business strategyLinkedIn Stories is making the platform more accessible, but the core function of being a business networking site isn’t changing. Stories are becoming the “new norm” for social media platforms and LinkedIn has pivoted to keep up with the trend.

It’s safe to say that the future of social media is the Story feature. Businesses can set themselves up for success by capitalizing on the reach their LinkedIn Stories can provide for their marketing business strategy.

So, what’s next for the Stories feature? Just as the platform itself has evolved, so will the Stories tool. LinkedIn recently announced that they will soon be rolling out LinkedIn Story Ads in 2021.

How do you plan on using LinkedIn Stories in your business strategy? Let’s take this discussion over to LinkedIn!

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