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4 Content Marketing Tools to Make You (Really) Good at Your Job

Content marketing — I mean, how hard can it be? It’s jotting down a few hundred words and sharing tips about something you’re passionate about. 

If you’re experienced in the content marketing industry, you know it’s just not that simple. You need to: 

  • Be organized
  • Have relevant ideas planned far into the future
  • Stay on top of the trends
  • Add visuals to keep readers interested
  • Collaborate with your team

The list could go on and on. 

An even longer list is the number of tools branded as “the one that will make all of your content marketing woes disappear.” Of course, there’s no single tool that’s capable of such a feat. However, if you combine the right content marketing tools with the right features, the world is yours

Rather than digging through Google and reading reviews, we’re doing the dirty work for you. 

Here are the four content marketing tools you need to make you really good at your job: 

1. Buzzsumo

You can come up with hundreds of ideas a month, but if they’re not what’s trending for your target audience, it’s challenging to make a true connection through your content

Buzzsumo is your secret weapon to understanding what’s trending and how competitors are successfully marketing their topics. The good news is — it’s easy. 

Simply search for a target keyword or topic and the platform generates insights regarding what content was shared most over social media channels and analysis reports. As you create your ideas based on these insights, you can also use Buzzsumo to identify influencers who share similar content and may be willing to collaborate with you. 

2. Google Docs

content marketing toolsIn my experience, the most delicious pizzas are ones made at home with friends. Each person throws on their own unique ingredients before throwing it into the oven to let the cheese bubble. If you’re not all in the same space, there’s no possible way to stay organized on who is putting what ingredient on the pizza or where you are in the process.

Google Docs is the united pizza-making tool of content marketing. It’s where all of the work gets done before that final, ooey-gooey cheese moment when you make your final presentation. 

This is where our team magic happens. We all know how to file our projects to remain organized and can see changes in real-time (a must-have for remote teams). As a result, collaboration is a breeze and we’re never confused about who has the most up-to-date document. 

3. Canva

content marketing toolsIn today’s visual marketing world, you can’t publish any form of content with images. And for the Photoshop-challenged (like me) Canva is one of the best content marketing tools. 

Canva offers pre-made templates and layouts that allow you to piece together a high-quality image in no time. Each template is designed for the specific place you want to publish. For example, the size of an Instagram post is different from a banner you’d use to create a call-to-action button. Using the various elements provided, Canva allows you to drag and drop to create perfect images for all of your platforms. 

4. Google Analytics 

content marketing toolsWe can’t discuss content marketing tools to help you excel in your role without touching on analytics. It’s not the most creative part of the process, but it is crucial in ensuring your creative steps are aligned with what your visitors are telling you. 

Google Analytics is user-friendly and offers key insights to understand the performance of your marketing efforts. This includes the type of audience visiting your website, where you’re acquiring them from, and conversion reports. The more you understand your target audience and visitor preferences, the more effective content you’ll be able to develop.  

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