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50 More Quotes From Female Founders

By Jule Gamache | Dec 10, 2020
quotes from women

Did you think we would stop at 50 quotes from women? No way! There are dozens of more female founders that we love to seek wisdom from. These ladies are also killing it as leaders of their own companies, so I wanted to spread the wisdom. If you need some more inspiration in your life,…

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50 Wise Quotes From Female Founders

By Jule Gamache | Dec 8, 2020
women in business, quotes, 50 women quotes

Here at Ride the Sail Marketing, we’re often inspired by the words of other famous marketers and business leaders. But lately, as I’ve been scouring the internet for wise words, most of the lists I find are made up of the same 50 white men, with just one or two quotes from women thrown in…

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Avoid Marketing for Marketing’s Sake: Using KPIs to Drive Your Strategy

By Anna Daniels | Dec 3, 2020
marketing goals

Gone are the days of throwing print and TV ads at the wall and hoping they drive customers to your company. More and more marketers are utilizing digital communications as their primary tactic – and for good reason.  The ability to see exactly how many people opened your email, liked your social post, or visited…

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Cheers to the Little Wins

By Sanya Grace Kunicki | Nov 23, 2020
Good news

Looking for good news in 2020 can feel like shoving your hand deep into the unknown of the couch cushions, praying to feel a nickel brush against your fingertips.  You know it’s bad when the chief medical officer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Dr. Ken Duckworth, looks at a CDC study on COVID-19’s…

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How Business Leaders Can Stay Connected to Remote Teams

By Dana Carey | Nov 19, 2020
working remotely

When it comes to working remotely, connection is everything. Let me explain. The 2020 State of Remote Work Report by Buffer and AngelList showed that remote working employees struggled with collaboration, communication, and loneliness. Without employer/employee connection, business leaders risk low employee morale which can lead to poor work performance and productivity.  As remote working…

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Integrating Inclusive Messaging for Effective Marketing

By Sanya Grace Kunicki | Nov 5, 2020
effective marketing

Pushing for social change is more than participating in a march, donating money, and diversifying your social media feed. While those actions are necessary, they should never stop there.  It is also crucial to implement ways to be more effective in daily life. Some methods may be continuing difficult conversations with family members from older…

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Don’t let a Pandemic Ruin Your Next Event

By Brittany Schlacter | Oct 22, 2020
event planning

The pandemic climate can transform your event planning but it certainly shouldn’t cancel it altogether. Learn how to execute a great event during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Brands Are Using Their Voices To Get Out The Vote

By Jule Gamache | Oct 8, 2020
get out the vote

2020 has been a divisive year, to say the least. Amid a pandemic, protests for social justice, and much more, one thing many brands can agree on is the importance of the upcoming election. In the past two presidential elections, only 60% of voting-age citizens reported voting, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. To get…

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How to Become Your Own Career Hype Squad

By Brittany Schlacter | Sep 24, 2020

You’re the hype squad for your own career. 📢   That’s right. It’s up to you to advocate for your own success. You have to find ways to humbly share your wins, talk about your progress, and guide the conversation about your future. But it can be tough to know when to keep your head down…

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Full 180 on Working for a Virtual Company – Confessions of a Remote Intern

By Sanya Grace Kunicki | Sep 17, 2020
virtual company

Back in January, I had a completely different definition of my ideal work environment than I do now. I thought I’d want a balance between plenty of face-to-face interactions and independent work, opportunities to expand my business attire wardrobe, and engaging assignments that didn’t require me to be on the computer all the time.  The…

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