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Retention Is Down And Customer Marketing Can Fix It

By Marikaye DeTemple | Nov 1, 2018
customer marketing

No one wants to ask but everyone is thinking it — whose responsibility is it to keep customers? You’re the VP of Marketing; is customer marketing where you should be spending your time? Backtrack to last year’s annual executive team to kick off the year: Your CEO sits to your left, VP of Sales to…

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Warning! Are You Committing These 5 Content Marketing Errors?

By Jeff Previte | Nov 1, 2018
content marketing

Your content marketing team has expanded. Your budget tripled. You hired more writers. The amount of content you’re producing has quadrupled. After six months of covering all the bases, from articles and webinars to videos and e-newsletters, you are left with a large selection of content. Now what? Did your webinar lead to conversions? How…

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The What, Why, And How Of Visual Content Marketing

By Crystal DeTemple McNeel | Nov 1, 2018
visual content marketing

It was only three weeks after graduation and Perry was itching to gain some real-world experience before settling into the daily grind with the rest of the workforce. He packed up his tiny Cleveland apartment, left a key for the subletter, and caught the first red-eye flight to Munich, eager to discover the unwritten story…

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