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Posts by Marikaye DeTemple

Social Change – What’s Your Action?

social change

  Blackout Tuesday was encouraging in some ways for me. I didn’t learn of it until late the night before and was able to adjust our social media strategy and workday immediately. I contacted clients early AM and they agreed to join in solidarity to pause their focus on social media for their businesses.  And…

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Welcome To Our Lives – Work From Home

work from home

Time has been standing still for everyone, recently, and I can’t stop nodding and laughing at this: I’ve worked from home for over 9 years. Those years have flown by. Ride the Sail Marketing (RSM) is 100% virtual. Prior to that, I worked with an amazing team (shout out to my #CRFamily, woo woo!) and…

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We Give Thanks for These Marketing ‘Things’

Mindfulness, awareness, thankfulness are something we strive for year-round. Yet, it’s always nice to have a dedicated pause to express thanks to coworkers, friends, your gym buddy, your barista, and… even the marketing tools that get you through the day.  We’re talking about those go-to, keeps you sane, keeps you productive, self-hack marketing crutches we…

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Rewards, Reorder, Refocus — How to Get $#!% Done

Max is snoring. It’s soothing, but man am I jealous.  I started another article for this post two days ago. It’s half-outlined. The tab is still open, does that count? I just made a cup of tea and put in some ‘mood and focus’ capsules to promote a positive mindset. It sorta tastes like dirt…

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