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Posts by Kristen Klempert

3 Things to Know About the Latest Google Update

Over Veteran’s Day weekend, after a routine update to Google’s algorithm, companies from a wide range of industries started seeing their web traffic drop by 30 to 40 percent. While Google makes several updates in any given week, there appears to be no rhyme or reason why this last set of changes caused many established…

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4 Super Time-Saving Social Media Tricks

social media tricks

“It’s not worth it to be on social media anymore.” I’ve heard this phrase over and over this year — and I get it. Between the constant algorithm changes and the risk of an out-of-context tweet tarnishing your business’s reputation, social media seems like a hassle with little ROI. Why spend hours on social media…

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Once Upon a Time: Storytelling Lessons from a Princess


Once upon a time, in a strange kingdom called Florida, there was a beautiful princess puppy named River. The princess had been abandoned in a dark castle by an evil witch who no longer wanted River because the old “preferred cats.” Locked in a dungeon, River began to wonder if she’d ever have a home…

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3 Brands that Are Killing the User-Generated Content Game

user-generated content

Last month, we gave you the basics on a marketing trend that is bringing brands and their customers closer together: user-generated content. (This is content that your customers create in support of and to celebrate your brand and products.) They can be photos, videos, awesome reviews — the possibilities are endless. And since the content…

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The Ultimate Guide For Better Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

As a social media specialist, I absolutely love my job. But if I’m honest, there are some days when I’m bored to tears by the posts I see on Facebook. I’ll scroll through my newsfeed and see stock image after stock image, generic title after generic title. But one day, I came across this post…

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