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Posts by Katie Williard

How to Find a Really Good Writer

hire a writer

Really good writing is something that we’re obviously passionate about at RSM – especially our resident writers who always aim to be at the top of their game. We do a lot of work to find the perfect writers to bring on to our team, and since we’ve uncovered the why and what and who…

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Characteristics of a Kick-Ass Writer

Hiring a writer or content marketing team for your business is a great way to utilize your brand voice. More than putting words on the page, a really good writer will be able to embrace the personality of your brand and deliver exactly what you need. But writers — even passable ones — are a…

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How to Know What the Heck Your Business Needs From a Writer

Knowing that you need to hire a really good freelance writer is just the first step in higher-quality content. Once you’ve finally admitted that writing is damn hard and you don’t have time to do it yourself, you need to determine exactly what you need from the wordsmith you bring on board. The talent pool…

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Really Good Writing Freaking Matters

In our evolving digital world, businesses are hanging more and more marketing dollars on content strategy and creation. While tons of processes move toward automation, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to hire people who can put pen to paper (or finger to key) and turn out quality words that will reach and impact your customers. You…

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