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Posts by Crystal DeTemple McNeel

It’s Not a Popularity Contest, It’s Just Good Business

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The internet has exploded with viral memes about Karen, the graduated “Becky” of this millennium. Sir Mix-a-Lot innocently personified a sense of entitlement in the 90s that has somehow come to define how people respond to customer service and general business practices today. While we like to joke about oblivious Beckys judging what we pack…

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The True Value of Making Your Words Count

February is traditionally the month we pay careful attention to our words. When trying to craft meaningful sentiments for those who matter most, you’ve probably reflected on a time someone paid you a compliment. Or maybe you’ve thumbed through Pinterest for the perfect quotes to pen into your Valentine’s Day cards.  The truth is, it…

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Growing Out of 2019 and Looking to the Future with RSM

Growth looks different for everyone — and it certainly feels different. For some, there are growing pains. For others, there is a beautiful metamorphosis. Others, still, take two steps back to make one giant leap forward. One thing remains the same…there is always motion. Change is not always easy to digest. But here at RSM,…

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Tricks for Being Better Aware of Awareness in Your Culture

When brainstorming content ideas for clients, our RSM blog or even my own musings, I often turn to ‘Awareness’ and fun holidays as inspiration. The various states of being, wellness, and passion are timely as calendar events, but they are also entirely evergreen. These are the nuances that define us, from invisible illnesses to caregiving…

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