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About the beginning...

As the song goes, "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end," after nearly 7 years of growing personally and professionally with the best humans I've [Marikaye] ever had the privilege of working alongside, my maiden voyage into the content marketing/digital PR/startup/HR technology/business/entrepreneurial space drew to an end. It was a sad day... however, a new opportunity lay just on the horizon.

To understand the beginning of Ride the Sail and why embarking on this marketing adventure became the next most logical chapter of my story, you need to know a bit about me. As a child, as soon as I learned how to read, story time revolved around me picking out a pile of books to read to my mother. Often, I chose so many she'd fall asleep while I eagerly finished each and every tale.

This love of words and images that create an experience through storytelling and, ultimately, connects people on a very human level, lead me into a career in communications -- specifically, PR and content marketing.

Crystal (my twin if it's possible for your mother to birth twins 5 years apart), always had a way of making things magical! From writing and editing and performing, and designing -- our entire childhood and into her years pursuing writing, music, and masterfully Mom'ing -- she's been the other half of my brain to always make everything make sense.

So in addition to my passion for a compelling story, I love a good challenge. Especially, when that challenge involves communication, teamwork, and working with passionate people. So, in 2018, with the encouragement of peers and a few longtime, respected clients, we made the decision to launch Ride the Sail Marketing.

We have worked with individuals looking to build their personal brand, passionate solopreneurs, devoted to offering a solution they knew would truly help the masses, Fortune 500 companies providing cutting-edge products and services, and growing startups.

The main factor each client or company had in common was that the story they wanted to share was something our team could get excited and become passionate about -- regardless of the industry/sector. They all faced a challenge that could be addressed through the beautifully effective art of communication.​

Nothing excites me more than to help strategically lead and grow with your brand. Crystal is both a visual and wordsmith master. Piecing beauty into the nuance of things to ensure the right feeling is solicited. We're passionate about telling your story and dedicated to becoming a part of your team.

At Ride the Sail, we value honesty and full transparency between our team and yours. We're willing to take risks, with clear communication and collaboration at the forefront of a strategy we will build together. We are excited to help companies of all sizes realize their passions, visions, and goals.

In truth, we've never been sailing. I love the ocean, the breeze, the gentle strength and tranquility of fully-open sails. I'm captivated by the power found in trusting an unseen and natural force to carry you forward toward your destination -- the idea of simply riding the sails out of the storm and onto the next great adventure...

Are you ready to ride the sails to success? Contact us today.

~Marikaye & Crystal