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8 Types of Content You Should Be Posting on Social Media

The content grind is real. Keeping your audience engaged is no small task. 

For your brand to flourish, your social media content calendar needs to be packed with compelling copy, photos, graphics, video, and audio. And churning out this content shouldn’t just be done on a whim. Each piece should be carefully aligned with your social media strategy, working to bolster your brand’s core values and nurture the customer journey

Get inspired to add new content to your social media feeds with these eight ideas:

1. User-generated content

Why create your content when you can have your customers do the work for you? Leaning on those loyal to your brand is a great way to engage with your audience and spread the love. Whether you’re retweeting on Twitter, sharing customer feedback in a graphic format, or regramming beautiful photos of your products — the possibilities are endless. 

User-generated content will look different on each social channel. Don’t be afraid to play around to figure out what works best with each platform.

Content idea: Use a social listening tool to find out who’s talking about your brand on Twitter. Retweet the (positive) chatter and consider rewarding those who engage with you the most by sending free products they can post about again!

2. Polls

Tapping into the wants, needs, and interests of your audience is a crucial ingredient of engaging content. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have poll features to question your audience. This curious form of social media content is a great way to find out what your customers want from you. 

Whether you’re launching a new product, getting feedback on something you currently offer, or just trying to have a bit of fun, engagement flourishes when polls are put into play. Interact with your audience by asking questions and using fun polls.

Content idea: Let your audience have a say in a future product by voting on the color palette of the new label. Post the palettes in an Instagram Story Poll and encourage your followers to share their opinion. Even better, choose a random voter to win a prize for submitting their feedback!

3. GIFs + memes

If having a little fun fits into your brand voice, memes and GIFs should become a mainstay. These social media favorites aren’t just for kids. Memes and GIFs can highlight your brand’s personality in a new way and get your audience talking. Many brands have made memes a core part of their social media content strategy on Instagram and Twitter. 

Content idea: Stay up to date on the latest memes and jump on the bandwagon by curating which ones connect with your brand. Panera Bread has does this brilliantly with its content strategy. 

4. Podcasts

If you’re not a frequent podcast listener, you’re missing out. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, 62 million Americans listen to podcasts each week. Listeners go to podcasts to learn and grow. This type of media offers brands a unique opportunity to share in-depth information and build deeper relationships. 

Producing a podcast can be a great way to switch up the content you’re creating and reach your audience in a new and exciting way. Generate hype for your podcast episodes via social media by sharing audio tidbits, quote graphics, and photos or videos related to the episode.

Content idea: Get your wheels turning by reviewing your previously successful long-form content to see what would work for a podcast episode.

5. Webinars

Like podcasts, webinars are your chance to build new relationships and better engage with your audience through thought leadership and learning opportunities. They also make for great content tidbits to share later. You’ll be able to provide a name, face, and voice with your brand. 

What’s more, webinars offer a chance for your audience to ask questions and provide real-time feedback. In turn, this helps you learn how to tailor content specifically to their needs. 

Content idea: Find a niche webinar topic that directly caters to the interests of your customers and gives you a chance to act as a thought leader. For instance, a photographer may share the behind-the-scenes guide to creating their most beloved filter settings. 

6. Live social video

Going live on social media can be nerve-wracking. But your audience is craving the community and reality provided by a live stream. Live video content receives 10x more comments than regular videos. And people watch them 10 to 20x longer. Try forgoing scripts when recording a live video to make it a more meaningful and genuine experience for your viewers. 

Content idea: Host a live Q&A session and build hype in advance to draw your audience in. You’ll get great feedback, and they’ll get the attention they deserve! 

7. Employee appreciation

No matter your industry or the size of your company, a look behind-the-scenes at your workforce can be uniquely engaging for your audience. 

Behind-the-scenes content is compelling in itself. But adding a human aspect gives it new energy. In the public transportation industry, I’ve been astounded at how much audiences acknowledge and engage with content that focuses on my fellow bus operators and mechanics. 

Content idea: Follow an all-star employee as they go about an average day on the job. Create a short video highlighting their passion for the work and what they love about the brand. 

8. Repurposed content

Play your hits again and again! Good content takes time to create, so don’t be afraid to replay your biggest hits in new ways. Dig into your insights to explore previous content wins. Find ways to shine a new light on the same content and expand — or even flip — the script. 

Content idea: Turn your most-read blog posts into videos!

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About Brittany Schlacter

Brittany Schlacter is the Communications Specialist at The Rapid, the public transportation authority for Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan and a Director of West Michigan Critter Haven. You can follow her thoughts and animal adventures on Twitter.