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6 Ways to Set and Hit Your 2020 Goals Like a #LadyBoss

Female leaders made 2019 a year we can never forget. In June’s Fortune 500 list, 33 of the companies on the ranking of highest-grossing firms are being led by female CEOs for the first time ever. 

This all-time record is motivating. What’s even more inspiring is the number of female leaders who aren’t in the ‘highest-grossing’ firms who are making moves for their companies. Many women have taken their passion-projects and are turning them into exciting business opportunities on a smaller, but incredibly meaningful scale. 

No matter the size of the company, goals are a critical part in moving forward with intention and, ultimately, finding success. So, we reached out to some of our favorite lady bosses to find out their 2020 goal secrets. 

Discover how these amazing female leaders are setting and hitting their 2020 goals:

1. Hire a coach 

Meridith Bienvenue, She Who CanMy 2020 business goals are to replace my current income at my nine-to-five job as an engineer. 

I plan to fully transition into my coaching business by July of 2020 and will start hosting retreats in early 2021.

These business goals all stem from personal goals and a desire to live a better life, provide for my family, and also to move home to New England where I grew up. My ultimate dream is to have retreats for women in a beautiful house in the woods of New Hampshire. 

Currently, I’m working with a coach who is helping me launch my first group coaching program, which will allow me to meet that first goal by bringing in income. The next steps would be to turn that group coaching into a course for passive income, then take on high ticket coaching clients.

Meridith Bienvenue, Founder of She Who Can

2. Focus on what you like to do not what you need to do

Misasha Suzuki Graham, Dear White Woman PodcastSara Blanchard, Dear White Woman PodcastIn its first 26 episodes, our Dear White Women podcast reached 7,000 downloads. We operate by the school year, so our goal for May 2020 is to create value-added content consistently and grow our following even more to lead to monetizing our podcast. 

Our goals were determined by conversations with strong social media influencers. Together, we decided instead of focusing on the actual numbers of followers or money made, it would be more important to focus on creating the product itself (i.e. our weekly show) since we are in our startup year. 

We believe in the importance and quality of our product and are leaning into the question of what do we LIKE to do instead of what do we NEED to do in order to reach those goals. 

Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham, Co-Hosts of Dear White Women Podcast

3. Educate yourself for strategic growth

Victoria Graham, MommaTribeOver the past eight months, I have conducted market research interviews, focus groups, and user testing that has led me to the hypothesis that New York City moms are craving an easy and affordable way to create a close community of mom friends for themselves quickly. 

That’s why I founded MommaTribe.  

Now, my business goals are to grow the interest in MommaTribe to a point where it is no longer manageable for me to manually create WhatsApp groups. Also, to secure seed funding to build an app I have designed that will automate the user experience and keep moms on my platform.

To do this, I’m securing partnerships with post-natal fitness providers to promote MommaTribe. I’m also setting up a Facebook page and Instagram profile to begin social media marketing. In preparation for growth, I’ve enrolled in a Fundraising 101 class and also joined iFund Women. 

Victoria Graham, Founder and CEO of MommaTribe

4. Make your product known to the masses

Amber Trueblood, Stretch MarksMy brand, Stretch Marks, has two separate entities — the book and retreats. For the book, I’m looking to maximize publicity with articles, interviews, and co-promotion events. To do this, I’ll create valuable content three times a week and distribute via my publicist, global connections, social media, and Thrive Global. 

I’m also reaching for 100 five-star reviews on Amazon by the end of the second quarter in 2020. I’ll reach this goal by gifting copies of the book to CEO and founder moms, bloggers, influencers, and friends and family. Then, I’ll follow-up with requests for online reviews. 

As for the retreats, my goal is to book 24 women for my February 22-23, 2020 Desert Hot Springs Stretch Marks Retreat and 12 for both the March and May Carefree Arizona retreat. 

Meeting this goal requires giving my target audience as much information as possible. I’ll start by creating separate landing pages for retreats. Those landing pages will have levels for additional information, such as deposit requests, contracts, and bonus materials. 

I’ll also research to determine the most effective advertising platforms for this unique type of retreat and record and distribute short video tips with key content for distribution on social media. 

Amber Trueblood, Founder and Author of Stretch Marks

5. Give the people what they want

Kimberly Berens, Fit LearningAfter being in the trenches for 20 years, I was able to take my first sabbatical and finish writing my first book. As such, a major goal for me in 2020 is to land a book deal with a publisher and get my book to market. 

We will also be relaunching our Greenwich, CT location in June of 2020 where we will be opening a flagship space with a much larger team of certified staff such that we can provide our accelerative learning services on a larger scale for this community. We’re also embarking on a Spring 2020 journey. We’ll focus on the intensive training and certification of a large number of staff to expand our service capability in my existing locations on the Upper East Side and Locust Valley.  

Each of these goals was developed with my CEO and is largely based on the increasing demand for our services by the community. More and more kids are being failed by our educational system, and as such, I encounter more and more parents seeking effective, science-based acceleration for their kids in academic and cognitive areas. 

Kimberly Berens, Ph.D. and Founder of Fit Learning

6. Don’t forget about your team

Marikaye DeTemple, Ride the Sail MarketingBusiness goals shouldn’t always be focused solely on external offerings. Without an amazing team backing you up, those goals are null and void. 

At Ride the Sail Marketing, a focus on team benefits is a constant goal. I’m always looking to determine the unique offerings that are most fitting for our unique team. While the virtual aspect of our company is a beneficial perk, it doe make traditional benefits harder to provide. My initial goal of lining a few traditional benefits up at the end of year one is completed. Now, going into 2020, I’ll build off of those fun ideas at things like fitness benefits (we love a good motivator), retreats (we’re big on spending time making memories), and bonus perks where others can spread the love and reward their peers!

I’ll achieve this goal by first keeping communication constant and open with my team. Actively listening to their needs lets me know when our team benefit goals need to be adjusted. From there, I look at financially viable options for our small, but growing team. 

Marikaye DeTemple, Founder of Ride the Sail Marketing


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